Any RC Air Clubs or fields around Prescott or Prescott Valley, Arizona?
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Old Sailor
2003-07-26 21:12:26 UTC
Thinking about moving.

Paul McIntosh
2003-07-27 05:27:12 UTC
There are a couple in that area. Beautiful place to live!

Paul McIntosh
Desert Sky Model Aviation
Post by Old Sailor
Thinking about moving.
2003-07-27 14:41:24 UTC
I've lived in Prescott Valley for 15 years now. Growth rate has been
incredible to say the least! There are 3 clubs currently operating in the
area. Two fields are dirt and one paved (finally). I belong to the Chino
Valley Model Aviators and personally, I think they have the undisputed best
field in this area. Here's the club site.


It's about a 30 minute drive from Prescott Valley.

Casa De Aero field is on the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University campus.
It's a dirt field surrounded by shrub oak and limited vertically by the Love
Field traffic pattern.

There used to be another field that was at the intersection of Hwy 69 and
169. Dirt strip surrounded by a deep drywash on two sides and fence on the
others. I don't know if it's still operating.

If you get into Prescott Valley, stop into Valley Hobby Shop. Tony and
Donna Pacini are the owners and have all the club information (including
maps to the fields) on hand and are extremely customer-friendly. Their
store is on the frontage road (north side) just off either Navajo Drive or
Robert Road.

Any other questions about the area, email me (remove the "notso") and I'd
be glad to help out. If you do move here...Welcome to the neighborhood!

Post by Old Sailor
Thinking about moving.
sloper steve
2005-04-28 04:36:28 UTC
so are the clubs still active?
sloper steve
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2005-04-28 05:13:42 UTC
"Chino Valley Model Aviators and personally, I think they have th
undisputed best field in this area."

That is one nice site....but I bet I could hit that mountian near th
top of the picture :)



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2005-04-28 14:46:33 UTC
Visited the Chino Valley Model Aviators field mid-winter several years
ago . . it must have been a "make the best with what you can get"
situation, but I remember wondering why the runway was sited on a
slope, since the adjacent terrain is relatively level.
Bill Sheppard
2005-04-28 15:43:41 UTC
Post by aeropal
I remember wondering why the runway
was sited on a slope, since the adjacent
terrain is relatively level.
They must have wanted a new slant on life.

JP Gorham
2012-05-22 06:33:25 UTC
I just moved to Prescott and looking into clubs and flying fields, I se
these posts are 9 years old and the chino valley web site is no longe
valid, any advice??

JP Gorha
Robert J Wurth
2012-12-05 17:47:28 UTC
Just moved to Prescott from Phoenix. Will help out newcomer with prope
radio installation
tightening covering, balancing, etc....I currently fly sport glow plane
in the 90-120 category.
15 years experience. Give me a call so you can get your plane ready.
Bob Wurth 928-277-420

Robert J Wurt