Newbie's 1st plane: advice?
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2014-09-27 11:59:31 UTC
2017-05-09 03:34:20 UTC
I'm getting ready to buy my first r/c plane, and would like to know if
anyone has any recommendations as to what plane would be best. I've had
the Dynaflite/Craft-Air Drifter II and the Airtronics Olympic 650
recommended to me so far--any opinions?
This is my first shot at r/c flying and absolutely _any_ opinions you
could offer would be gratefully accepted!
Rob Curtis
Where you are from has lots of qualified instructors and a number of
clubs to choose from. Get in contact with a club. Communication with
those with the knowledge can save a lot of money and time.
A month with a good instructor is like years without one.
Use a good 4 channel trainer plane. Ie: Eagle 2 Goldberg Protege
The Tower trainer is a good 40 ARF
Os FP motors seem to be a good low budget motor.
Not too powerful but very reliable. Reliable is what you need when you
are learning landing approach sequences.
Good Luck
Gordon the only plane for you is an electric APPRENTICE S15E you can look them up on the net and are costly for a first plane ,how ever you can be self taught on these models as they are 4 channel with SAFE envelope the Apprentice has a wing span of 15oo mm a fair size plane after learning you can advance to any where you like you don't have to rely on any one good luck

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